A good night’s rest is something that each of us cherish every day of our lives. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep and to wake up fulfilled to face the mental and physical challenges of a new day. Our Bodypillow™ products aim to provide the support and comfort you need to achieve this.

You can lie against the pillow for extra back support or use them as a back rest in a chair or perhaps lean against while reading or watching TV in bed. Regular pillows could be used to fill the same functions but they tend to shift and compress during sleep and therefore do not ultimately provide the same support and comfort that our Bodypillows™ do.

Try lying on your side side holding your Bodypillow™ against your chest whilst at the same time, placing it between your knees and ankles. This prevents your ankles and knees from rubbing together and can help keep your spine aligned in the process. The Bodypillow™ Supa-Combo, Medi-Line,  Comfi-Curve, Spine-Aligner or new Full Body Pillow Huddle~Up ( Full Body Pillow ), Snugg’L ( 3/4 Body Pillow ), and Comf-V, can act as an excellent support for pregnant women whilst they are sleeping or just resting. These pillows are also invaluable whilst breastfeeding as they can simultaneously act as a back support for mum and as a cushion to support baby. The Spine-Aligner and Medi-Line can help as a positioning aid for people with back problems or back pain. They are all sought after Birthday and Christmas gifts and are suitable for for all ages. They are also perfect to offer as additional bed time comfort to customers in Hotels, Lodges, Guest Houses or Bed & Breakfast accommodation.

 Try Sleep with one..


Quality Assurance

Our products are manufactured in South Africa from high thread count 100% pure cotton. The inner fillings consist of hypoallergenic synthetic fiber. The inner cushion shell and pillowcases are double stitched for additional strength, thus providing extended product life and durability. All items are fully washable with reference to instructions on their individual care tags.