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Medi-Line White
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Medi-Line StoneR699  –  Click to Buy

Medi-Line Pink
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Medi-Line Navy
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Medi-Line Coffee
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The Medi-Line …

The Medi-Line is a unisex product which could help to promote a more comfortable sleeping posture, allowing one to awake feeling refreshed and revitalized.The Bodypillow Medi-Line is 140 cm x 42 cm and is rectangular in shape .It may help to keep your spine aligned while you are resting.It is invaluable to pregnant and breast-feeding mums, people suffering from back pain, recovering from sports injuries or recovering from surgery.The Medi-Line may help to provide support for the legs, neck and shoulders as well as the back.It may also help to promote circulation in the legs for people suffering from diabetes and other similar restrictive circulatory disorders. Because of its length, it could be placed between the knees and ankles which would alleviate pressure between your limbs while you rest .The Medi-Line may also be shared with your partner and could provide simultaneous lateral support for both parties.The Medi-Line does not incorporate a head pillow section as this would limit its positioning flexibility and restrict freedom of movement under the covers.The Medi-Line now also features a zipped opening which allows one to re-arrange or regulate the inner filling according to your personal preference.Purchasing the Bodypillow Med-Line is an inexpensive way to promote comfortable rest.

The Medi-Line is currently available in 7 Neutral colours, White, Stone,Coffee, Pink, Navy Blue, Wedgewood Blue and Virescent Grey.